jeudi 31 décembre 2009

little worlds

Vieille Dame au marché. Marseille, 11/09. By moineau. (Click to enlarge.)

my little world of pain and beauty
accurate words for a poem
yet false notes in a throat
in two languages or in tongues
unspoken, choked, or broken

little world of the beloved
who pleases, who makes music
for the fat lazy queen
half dead on her flower bed
drowning in honeyed tea

lost sons and lovers
who descend or do not descend
with or without kisses
i do not attend: i am sending
love signals on transparent wings

this little world of energy
thought, neuron, heart
experienced through the
velvet glove of lust and fear
the end flashing like neon

this world far away where
a woman bathes her children
with tears, feeds them rock soup
buries them in sackcloth
while pulling out her hair

this burning world alive
where bully rockets smoke out
terrorists, miss their targets
propigate gangling workers
and sex up invading empires

and as the world bleeds
we cleanse and cauterize it
with a media whose tongues
mix pig slop with caviar
and call it plat du jour

worlds in worlds out
unfurling flags and anthems
bee songs all, all a day and
no more, each with vapid strophes
and wings so fast, they are invisible

i in this little world
a deathbed with hope strings
storyboards and heavy quilts
i sweat from head to foot
i sleep, dream, weep and wail

one world away from disaster
one away from orgasm and creation
i might need a god if not for poems
my dreamy eyes half closed
my ears plugged with seamless notes

New Year's Eve, 12/31/09

8 commentaires:

Mary Stebbins Taitt a dit…

Wonderful picture and poem! Happy New Year!

enudelman a dit…


I love:

this little world of energy
thought, neuron, heart
experienced through the velvet
glove of lust and fear
the end flashing like neon

Have a great twenty ten, and keep the faith, babe

Moineau En France a dit…

thank you, mary. hope you are enjoying the year's end, the full moon, the blue moon, the second blue moon of the year, next moon year like this will be 29 years. will we be here to see it?

Red, red wine
Stay close to me
Don`t let me be in love
It`s tearin` apart
My blue, blue heart...
thanks, ed bébé. xoxoxo

Anonyme a dit…

Happy New Year dear one. Loved the photo/words combo. It said so much about older life.

Audrey Nicholson a dit…

It is as if a gentle breeze swept over your états d’âme, and settled down on paper in little worlds of words. Beautiful, deep words with great hidden meanings.

I love: i am sending love signals on transparent wings. Actually I love it all, every word.

Thanks for sharing with me Laura.

Bisous, oxoxoxox

Moineau En France a dit…

liz, how fast the older years come upon us, both the lonely and fulfilled. i am aching today from the inside out.

dear audrey, those fast fluttering love signals are yours as well. i love: you. xooxoxoxox

Jan Hersh a dit…

TOUJOURS Là au coeur
bonne annee sans douleur
tu es en haut en mon regard

Moineau En France a dit…

douce jan, c'est moi qui est toujours en retard, tout le monde me fait rapeller! pas de problème, sache que je sais que tu es avec moi. bon, c'est impossible d'être TOUJOURS là... nous deviendrons les personalités de types "b"... nous sauverons nos cœurs! fuck the rest, non? xoxoxoox