vendredi 23 juillet 2010

dem self-hatin' blues

ah got a really big head
biggah than mos' men

a nose dat cry jew
and one o' dem attitudes

mah belly shake like jellyroll
'low two use titties

an' big man-size hands
like ah'm ready to grab ass

dere's a beard on dis chin
with long whi' whiskas

thin frizzy up hai'ah
colo'd salt n' peppa

legs like tree trunks
arms like weepin' willah

black lung, leaky bladd-ah
shrivel up kidneys

outta beat heart
thick sloe-mo blood

i'm a badass woman
like a badass man

sittin' on dah sofa
ready' tah croak

but he just won' come
no he just don' come

that s.o.b. done
lef' me heah alone

an all i got is mah poem
and dem self-hatin' blues

1 commentaire:

Liz a dit…

Yep ... sistah, I can really feel this!