jeudi 21 juillet 2011

What's all the fuss about mouse leukemia viruses... in layman terms

xmrv attached to a cell wall

Kent Heckenlively, writing for "The Age of Autism" website, does an excellent job of explaining Zhang, et al's new published paper, Frequent Detection of Infectious Xenotropic Leukemia Virus (XMLV) in Human Cultures Established from Mouse Xenografts. 

Here's just a little extract:

This (the authors' research) means that every surgical patient receiving any biological product which used mouse tissue in any way has a one in four chance of being exposed to an XMLV.  And that also means that any biological sample which is maintained in a facility containing xenograft cultures has a 17% chance of becoming infected.

On the question of vaccines, let's just say that only 10% of the nearly 40 vaccines children are expected to receive prior to the age of five contain mouse biological products.  This translates into roughly a 100% chance that our current generation of children will be exposed to an XMLV through a vaccination.

Are you scared yet?

It gets worse.

The world is in trouble. Read more at the Age of Autism website.

When Science Journals Are Scarier Than Science Fiction
by Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

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