mardi 13 décembre 2011


for radical feminists everywhere and those who want to be...

Cut off my head
hands and feet
I won't grow a penis
but I've got one tucked
away if i need it

I didn't need
Bettelheim to tell me
about refrigerator moms
or Lacan to warn me
about absent fathers

I've wrapped myself
in yards of sackcloth
since I was girl
yet I still had to hide
in too many closets

Nature or nuture
philosophy or psy-ops
religion or culture
each one is founded
on Mysogyny

Throw off the masculine
ideological shackles
Women will never be free
until we're ready to
start from zero

2 commentaires:

Garth a dit…

As one radical feminist to another - yeah!

Laura Tattoo a dit…

thanks. i'm so ready to start at zero. xoxoxoxo