mardi 22 février 2011

Live (for my birthday)

making funny faces

You want to know the truth?
Enjoy yourself
Stop beating around the bush
Find somebody to love
The heart stops soon enough
and the blood grows iron poor
The calcium is gonna flow from your bones
You're gonna look old, really old

So what?
If there's joy in your heart
If there's love in your eyes
You'll survive and
Everyone will thrive
So throw away the alibis and
Reach your bloody emotional prime
Live the risk, laugh or cry
Dive in, the water's fine

February 21, 1998

4 commentaires:

Jan Hersh a dit…

My you wrote with such wisdom so many years ago. And ain't it the truth!
May you thrive and be happy,

Moineau En France a dit…

thank you, jan! i always liked this one, punchy and true. xoxoxooxxo

Mary Stebbins Taitt a dit…

Right on, baby. AND WRITE ON!!

Hey I miss your paintings--have you tried artrage?

Moineau En France a dit…

thanks, mary. i'll check out artrage... xoxoxoxo