vendredi 16 septembre 2016

Final post for Moineau en France

Since October, 2008, I posted all my new work here. Now, in September, 2016, I will just let it stand perpetually in time and say, it was really beautiful and I am so grateful to everyone who read a poem and felt a kinship... ~moineau

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Brenda Clews a dit…

xoxoxoxoxoxoo It has been beautiful reading you, Laura. I came to the same place you have. I stopped posting writing but continue to post some of my other activities & paintings (which are now only small versions of the photos of the art). I'm not sure why the one world *still* wants to cancel the other world out, but that's how it is for many publishers. Blogging gave many of us a voice to share with others as we shared their offerings. I am forever indebted to you and many other poets I met on-line. Your work is so accomplished and brilliant... never stop believing in yourself, never stop writing and sharing. Wishing you many publications, much success with your writing finding its audiences in the years ahead. ::hearts forever::