lundi 24 août 2009

A "Spiritual" Poem (WARNING - EXPLICIT)

with a wink and nod toward Willa Schneberg and the poets of our Sunday workshop

I met Gwen at one of those infamously
boring Oregon film wrap parties
standing in a corner with a pink
gin fizz and smoldering cigarette
tight ragged jeans, butch-blue shirt
buttoned below her breastbone
and I as flirtatious as they come
high on my ashram-soaked dreams
japa beads slung around my throat
black party dress of soft jersey
twirling just below my hips

And as our eyes met across the room
it was kismet, magic, with a
breeze of om shanti wafting between us
mantra magnetics that pulled me to
her side and made me say
hi to her hi, dancing on that
oh-so-thin line between sex and spirit
but we did not notice it
for it was the Goddess who had
called each of us out of that moment
to unite us in a new and better one

And we moved easily from
meditation seat to mattress
flowing into each other's
nose and mouth with something
like shakti coursing between us
our archetypal feminine orifices
and then the male spirit moved
and her clitoris became as large
as the trunk of Ganesha and as hard
as the trident of Shiva within me
until we both fell back upon our pillows
exhausted, sweaty and ecstatic
both crying, "Eureka! Haribol!
We've found it, the sacred mountain!"

Until that day we finally spoke
crossed that invisible line again
from the sacred to the profane
and i asked myself what had happened
the Goddess is now a yapping dog
jealous and shallow, and not Mother
at all but someone who hates my kids
with weird paranoid politics and
obsessed with a guy named
Guru Maharaji, that 12-yr-old boy
turned haughty laughing fat man
with 20 Mercedis in Jamaica and
about as many woman who worship him
and Gwen says, "I just love him!
Come away with me to Brahmaloka!"

And all our deep imaginings of
divine union, 24-hour sankirtans
and long meditations at dawn
they all fall apart because
we forgot to notice the line
that very tricky line of Shri Krishna
between sexuality and spirit
the gopi girls and rasa lila, and i say
"Gwen, I just love you, baby!
You're divine! Have a great life
and thank you for a wonderful time!"

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