jeudi 16 juillet 2009

la femme vulgaire enragée


my head is splitting open and
you're in it, o gatekeeper soul
the slices of ripened cantalope
left on the kitchen counter
counterbalance my woes
as they drip-dry and curl while
drawing forth the vermin, flies up
my nose and their shit between my
toes––God knows why He invited
those guys to this barbecue––yet
something's got to gobble up all
the garbage left on counter tops,
in dumpy tubs, dried on dishes,
sitting under noonday suns in cans
and roadsides, not to mention all
the roadkill and abused salamanders
not to mention the dead girls

crap, i said it and now i'm sorry.
too late! held my tongue for
a long, long time but then
spilt my guts like clockwork, and
now i'm the queen of intestinal
fortitude, so what? i guess i
should like getting fucked in
the ass, should like being made
a fool of, why not? doesn't
everyone? especially we
stu-pideʻ ameri-cainsʻ with
our crossbred crotches growing
rot, sanctimonious underbelly
of hell itself: well!
welcome to my country
let me tell ya! welcome!

i'll jerk you off while
i grocery shop you like a one-
armed bandit, in supermarkets
big enough to hold your wick
by the quickety-quick, your
corps de delicatesse all prim
and proper with freshmade
croissants, enough to gag yah
now flick it, get off all
the rotting juices of past
screwballs and the industrialists
of tomorrow, chinese liars, not
to mention 'dem ruskies...
we americans, we do have long,
long memories, we can hold spite
until it sucks all the brains
out of us, then smile in your
face because we're always
afraid you won't like us, so
just fuck us, fuck us good!

i'm the queen of spewling
shit, i'm the ashcan for all
your unwanted misfits, here
give it, give it, give it good
then read into my mind what
i'm feeling. wow, now you're a
braille reader and i'm a neon
sign for the faithless to
follow, got to get d-o-w-own
down with it, clean it up,
grab a deep water sponge to
mop it up 'cause i'm
mad as a hatter and saltier
than a cracker and i'm
comin' aftah yah, did you
ever doubt it would
happen just like that?

push it, push it good, take
a load off, grunt and groan!
let a toad off, sugar, just
shit on my ugly-american face,
goddamn you, yes! now i
stink just like you! wow,
i'm down with it, yes, i'm
really down, so lowdown
on sammy's farm, it's
funky cabbage, yes, i'm
ready to eat, hungry, ready for
more of your crap to
come straight at me, so give it
give it to me quick, 'cause my
mouth is readymade and there's
no backing outta this now

you've got a banshee on
your tail, baby, you've
got a hallowed, hollowed-out
j-princess on your balls and
she's digging in where the
sun don't shine. yeah,
rage today, gone tomorrow
that's my daily motto
but if i keep it in my
head yet one more day i'll
be prepared for more shit-
eating dog days of the
summer shit-eating machine
and i can't pull out as
long as it's coming, as
long as you're asking,
do you really love me, baby?
show me, show me now!

i'll prove it, i'm a shit-
eating test case, give me
an envelop and i'll save it
in little packets, freeze it
like undeveloped film and
we can delight together when
your ford mustang gets dirty:
we'll wash it with our tongues
then, we'll bring out the
rushes of our history
and show them on the
bathroom walls, we'll sit
by the toilet just in case
your gut discharges and
we need to catch it: who do
you think i am, effin' baby ruth?
i have the weakest arm in
the whole fucking west!
ask mom: she's the broad who
taught me to hold it, and
hold it, and hold it, 'til
i could hold it no more...

a shit-can full of dollars
won't buy me nothing, i
can't eat my way through
this cesspool of your love,
just give it, give it, this
ass-kisser can't get enough
and when you're done, i'll
say, "sorry, darling,
my fault exactly," and you'll
pat my pretty shit-eating
j-princess head and put me to
bed so tonorrow i'll be
fresh and can begin again
right where your anus ends.

3 commentaires:

Pisces Iscariot a dit…

Bile! better out than in I say - I read this as a stark analogy of western civilisation's moral and cultural decline (don't correct me if I'm wrong :}

Moineau En France a dit…

i won't correct you! what started as a day of personal frustration turned to rage, then transformed into a critique of western culture. that's why i posted it. :>>)) i do like it. the question was, will it put off readers? (i hope not! it's all me!) but all love to you. xoxoxooxxoox

Pisces Iscariot a dit…

Any reader put off by the harsh truth is not worth worrying about.
Censorship is not an option ;]