samedi 9 juillet 2011

bastille day

roses by august renoir

don't you love it
when a new birdsong appears
in the neighborhood
or when the crows act
all high and mighty
once the osprey have left
taking back their territory

don't you feel then
that you could brave anything
life might throw at you

i'm going out into that
blazing sun of noontide
joining with a throng
who love a francophonic world

if i can't walk
there will be a wheelchair
and if i can't talk
there will be music and food

there truly is nothing to fear
because i am not this body
i cannot be subjugated
by pain and loss
only made sun hot
melting away the locks
that kept me hidden
desperate and miserable
year after lonely year

i'm through with
malady and despair
or perhaps they are though
with me for a season
and when i say "through"
i mean only "liberated"
and when i say "liberated"
i mean "attempting it"

because the sun is shining
and my birthplace is joy
i am nothing without
the minute to minute revolutions
breaking out in the streets
of my consciousness

rebellion and surrender
go hand in hand
like a birdsong
never before heard
or the crazy love dance
of sparrows on thin branches

life is a drive to create
and it never stops maddening us
until we participate

until we dive 
head long into the ecstatic
break a leg in the grand theater
and don't hold anything back

i dove into malady and despair
and i don't regret it
you cannot regret that
which brings into consciousness
the reasons you were born

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I love it,
If I cant walk there will be a wheel chair. You know Laura when there is a wheel chair in place of my ability to walk, I have done a job. I have brought the dead wheel chair to life, because it can be a part of me. I brought it from Jadh avastha (Lifeless state) to Chetan Avastha (To a state of life). And this is an enormous power of creativity, this power is only available to one who desires and deserves to bring a wheel chair to life.Thus are three defined sates of mind, Icha (Intense will to do it) Gyana ( Knowledge to do it) And Kriya (The act through which you do it). Do I need to write more?

Moineau En France a dit…

thank you, pranesh, i love what you wrote; means a lot. to put it in the american idiom: you so get it. xoxooxoxox