samedi 1 janvier 2011

Millennium Song

Photograph by Barbara Wolfsong of Portland, Oregon ("Watching the waves")

Eve of the millennium
and what do i feel?
Despair and tribulation
Deep sadness and fear

A night of introspection
not a thread of what's real
as the tv drones on
with reports of world cheer

Each countdown a letdown
Each hour more pain
as I lay on the couch
coffee cup in my hand

Singing my own song
a silent refrain:
"It takes more than a millennium
to make a grain of sand"


4 commentaires:

Wolfsong a dit…

That's quite a poem, Laura . . . sad and thoughtful . . . each moment is just another moment . . and nothing more . . Time passes, but what is real is the friction created by atoms rubbing together and creating that grain of sand . . . time passes and is nothing, but it is resistance and energy that creates something . . .in our world and in ourselves. . .
A lovely poem . . .

Moineau En France a dit…

thanks, barbara. wise words from a wise wolfwoman. dig the rhyme scheme? i've always been proud of the precision in this one. we had just returned from our first trip to paris in fall 1999, with "jour 30" on the eiffel tower. there was so much energy and hope in the air, and i had fallen so in love with paris, my first trip after graduating with a french degree in 1983! but there it was, THE night, and so many troubles inside and out... i watched hour by hour each countdown around the world and realized, as you said, that it was a moment like any other. humankind still had a long, long way to go in its evolution. fossils or living beings? the question remains...

love to you. i'm so proud to have your beautiful photograph attached to this poem. xoxoxoxoxo

Jack Dollar a dit…

Now Jack Dollar is following you, as well!

Moineau En France a dit…

hey, jack! how lucky can i get? :>>))) xoxoxoxo