mardi 17 août 2010

blank verse

ace in the hole
take a bunch of daffodils
and lay them on the stone
there's a lot going on
whether you see it or not

black sky
deepest night ever seen
venus like a car beam
in your eyes
no moon

scratch that itch
and put it down to dryness
nothing helps
not benedryl nor smack
nothing but a bandage

create a horror show
for the ones coming home
we've wasted years for this
the decrepit solitude
the scars of blitzkrieg

fuck i can't think
it's like another brick
red, dense, durable
fumigate the afterthought
down with cfs

3 commentaires:

moigo a dit…

You put things so well that one doesn't know where to start or end. Laying the lovely, fragile flowers on "stone". I love the contrast. It IS "stone" (how perfect), the noncompassion regarding "CFS" (not accidental) and the resulting hardness to one's own suffering. I also have a sense that there's a "lot going on" that can't be seen..."black sky" for the patient community but there's light in their eyes. I like your metaphor of the itch that nothing helps combined with the idea of a common explanation for a complex situation - "put it down to dryness." Yeah, sure doc. "A bandage" - cover over those symptoms [and no more whining]. Are we "coming home" from the "CFS" war, a war with doctors, federal agencies, the disinformed public to be treated to more official slanderous psychobabble - "a horror show"? "Fumigate" - as in remove the demeaning terminology and phony case definitions that form a social construct called "CFS"? That's how I take it. Very powerful for me. Thanks, Laura.

Moineau En France a dit…

loved your analysis!!! yeah, there's a lot going on in that blank verse. :>>))) xoxoxooxoxox

Pisces Iscariot a dit…

"fumigate the afterthought"
...on second thoughts, keep that line :)