dimanche 12 septembre 2010


from getty images (discovered on robert fisk's great september 11, 2010 article
in the Independent, found here)

fire on the rubicon
and no looking back
hackensack's lookin' mighty slack
pauvre amérique
knee deep in debt

there are roms in france
diggin' through the trash
there's an eu debate
but they don't have the cash
for a wholesale buyout

ny was havin' fun
until al qaida came on
with 600 tons of hate
and we waved them in
from the tarmac

eu reps fly down
for deal making in the south
the south the south
latin despots and poverty
500 rapes in the drc

blizzards will come
to chill our fears
with fresh white snows
enough to cover the stains
on the chosen ones' clothes

and then the terrible floods
breaking through the dams
and then mechanical silence
as we sit like
three monkeys

god it was hot
in ny this year
glad i've got my little
catacomb of hope
and false flag disease

haven't seen the sun
for a bevy of weeks
stayin' chill
in the noisy glow
of a 42 inch peace

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