samedi 25 mai 2013

Out of the Insanity

"You're as insane as the rest of them,"
the silence tells me.
"You're not special."

Somehow this is comforting to me
as I melt into the walls of
the back bedroom.

Sometime ago, I ran away from a life
that was thrust on me
like an avalanche.

I spent 16 painful years,
then lost a lot of weight
and quit eating wheat things.

Yes, I got my will back
albeit by giving it away
but I'm not done yet:

Something is screaming at me to

run even faster now because
insanity is catching

And I'm so susceptible:
Action is nice but action's not enough
when it isn't human.

Underneath it all
like a loaded pistol
your diction

And my freedom
won from the bottom up
is all I have left

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