mardi 7 mai 2013

pas de courage

too hard
it's all too hard
and i'm forgetting
what i've always known:
love is nothing

not enough time
to get my act together
not enough strength
to begin again
why bother

when this comfortable
hole is waiting like
an unmade bed
inviting me to
lie down in it

now that's easy
easy as pie
which is not so easy
after all is said and done
it's the crust that counts

taken to the extreme
it's a long road to death
and my patience
is wearing as thin
as my skin

too old
too old to keep up appearances
I was riding on a cloud
but lightning struck
and told me the truth

1 commentaire:

Matt D a dit…

**taken to the extreme
it's a long road to death**

Such deeply stark lines ...

I like the way this poem
takes common sense notions
and turns them on their head,
causing me to question
that which I only think I know.

Thank you.