vendredi 9 août 2013

Je ne fume plus - Astoria Astoria

I'm sitting in an Athens cafe bar
on the corner of Fillelinon and Notara
and it's called Astoria, New York
That's where I was born
56 long years ago to a
Jew who didn't know it
who married a Greek for her fourth marriage
who dragged me around to every
state in the union only to
leave me on foreign doorsteps
when the going got tough
She still expects a lot
but there's something inside me
that just can't be bothered

Somehow I wound up in
Astoria, Oregon in 2001
It wasn't a town I would have chosen
but I struck a deal to stay there 5 years
with my fourth husband
and afterwards we'd move to France
We stayed there 12 years
before he reneged and I left him
clutching to his sad little life
and searching his third wife
I guess we addicts never give up
looking for perfect love
And my kids, surveying all the damage
they just can't be bothered

ωραία! (oréa!) my beautiful "astoria" salad.

2 commentaires:

ZEP a dit…

Je swee treest o jhar dwee.....
may voo en-coo-raj-er
a-vek poems et cake

Laura Tattoo a dit…

ZEP: et tu m'encourages avec tes commentaires toujours si doux. je t'envoie des bisous. xoxooxox