mercredi 7 août 2013

Je ne fume plus - Take no prisoners

I'm not going to blame you
you're as much a prisoner
in this game as I am
this game that is no game
because there are no winners
no losers, just cruisers, actors

I have no idea who you are
how could I after only a year
with all the running to and fro
blood hot, blood cold
because I could not sit still
because you stood your ground

I was never what you wanted
a few pieces that were pliable
if I tried hard enough
I might fit inside this berth
travelling at 50,000 mph
but I don't want to

No I don't want to do this anymore
somewhere there's a star above
and it's calling my name, Laura
and it's hollering, Stop!
and it's deep deep deep in myself
and it is myself

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